Floor care tips

Proper care to maintain your new flooring's appearance is the key to extend it's lifetime. Here are some tips to help you care for your new flooring. Consult the manufactures web site for more information.


  • Vacuum regularly to keep soil from becoming embedded deep in the pile.
  • Light traffic areas : Vacuum weekly
  • Moderate to Heavy areas : 2 or more times per week as needed
  • Dents : Remove furniture dents by stroking up with coin or dull knife
  • Crushed pile : Extra vacuuming with " beater bar " type vacuum
    May need steam cleaned if matted.
  • Spot Removal : Blot up liquids with white cloth or paper towel. Clean with plain water 1st.
    Use chemical cleaners sparingly. Do not scrub in a circular motion.
    Place dry towel on cleaned spot to wick away moisture.
  • Remove dried solids with spoon or dull knife before wet cleaning.

Hardwood / laminate / cork / bamboo

  • The big enemies of your floor are soap - water - grit
  • Sweep or vacuum up dirt regularly.
  • Use walk off mats at entrance doors to catch sand and grit.
  • Dish soap or similar cleaners strip away natural oils and leave dull soap film.
  • Use a cleaner made for finished hardwood or laminate floors.
  • Excess water can damage these floors so use sparingly.
  • Use a damp cloth or " Swiffer " style micro-fiber mop.
  • If possible keep relative humidity at approximately 45 %
  • Touch up color pens can help hide scratches.
  • Use felt pads on heavy furniture feet.
  • Avoid " mop and shine " products. Your floor has a clear coat finish.
  • Do not allow roller skates or wheelies on hardwood floors.
  • Move appliances across wood with dollies.

Ceramic / porcelain / stone tile

  • Clean floor and wall tile with non abrasive cleaners
  • Water will not hurt your tile however Do Not wax.
  • Clean grout with a small brush and citrus based cleaner if stained.
  • Do not use a cleaning agent that contains colorants on unglazed tile.
  • A coat of sealer on natural stone tile accents the color.

Vinyl / LVT / VCT

  • Sweep or vacuum up dirt regularly.
  • Damp mop with a no rinse floor cleaner.
  • Spot clean with multi surface spray cleaner.
  • Avoid " mop and shine" products. Your new floor will shine naturally when clean.
  • Use dollies to move appliances.
  • Never drag heavy objects across a vinyl floor